TBS Crossfire Immortal T Antenna


The Immortal T is a new creation for all the hardcore racers and freestylers out there that have grown to love the TBS Crossfire. It survives prop strikes without breaking a sweat and mounts perfectly to your frames! Tested by the world’s leading freestyle pilots, it has their seal of approval.

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The TBS Immortal T antenna is a mashup between the stock TX antenna and the regular dipole antenna included with the TBS Crossfire Micro RX. It serves as an upgrade and is immune to prop-strikes or incorrect mounting.

Strap it to your top or bottom plate in either horizontal or vertical fashion, and let her rip! The performance is exactly the same as the stock antennas, but because we’re using spring-steel and a durable, impact-resistant plastic center piece, it’s almost impossible to break!

These TPU prints are made to hold your Immortal T antennas for your long range FPV rig. Comes in 2 sets. One straight set and one curved set for further away antenna mounting. Both version can be seen in the pictures. You will receive both sets when you purchase this product. This mount is meant to be universal for all frames but may not work with some frame designs. Buy with discretion and make sure you think it will fit your frame. Thanks!

The curved set can be used as shown in the pictures to mount your antenna below the rear arms.  Or you can also flip the mount upside down to run your antenna above the frame like a car spoiler. Enjoy!!


  • Width: 16.4cm
  • Cable length: 80mm
  • Weight: 3.4g
  • Connector: u.FL / IPX



  • Weight: 3.4g
  • Width: 16.4cm
  • Cable length: 80mm
  • Connector: u.FL / IPX


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