ORT Goggles Edition Antenna


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MADE IN INDONESIA, checked & tuned for each Antenna. Antenna tuning were specified by 2 point, 1st is for SWR or S11 to ensure antenna is work best with our FPV system and 2nd is geometry tuned for circularity(axial ratio), ORT Antenna is tuned with both point to provide you best circularity for reject noise, less random flicker & superb clarity on high speed turn also longer range than your default antenna, we had tested 5.8ghz omni to omni with as further as 3~4km(500mw) on relative noisy city environtment and much further if match on diversity receiver with our 3 or 5 turn helical.

ORT Goggles Edition is the sweetest Omni directional RHCPreceiver antenna (matched best with our ORT Cocktail) designed especially for goggles user. This is our newest creation to our quad& wing’s flyer who loved to use goggles with right angle connector, long cable to prevent signal blocking behind head and also 6 elements designed to get best geometry for finest noise rejection & superb clarity. And not forget to mention that nice funky looking antennas matched with color of your goggles.


Freq Channel : 5600 ~ 6000 ghz

Gain (dBi) : 1.3 – 1.5 dBic

SWR / S11 : <1:1.5

Axial Ratio : ~.79

Polarization : Circularly Polarized – RHCP

Gain Pattern : Omni Directional (cover signal in all direction)

Connector : Only available in Right angle SMA


Test Video by Old radio transmission


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