Noiposi Fireproof Silver Lipo Battery Safe Bag 240*65*180MM


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  • The utility model relates to a lithium battery explosion-proof bag which comprises a fiber cloth, the lithium battery explosion-proof bag by the outer and inner layer of fabric composition, inner fiber cloth is explosion-proof and fireproof composite fiber cloth, outer layer of fiber cloth is PVC net clamping cloth.
  • This flame retardant bag is a convenient way of safeguarding your LiPo batteries during charging, transit, and storage.
  • Explosion proof bag can play a very good flame retardant effect,To protect our safety

Fireproof and Explosionproof Warning:

  • Never leave charging battery unattended
  • Always ensure the battery is on a non-flammable surface
  • Ensure flap is sealed while charging
  • The Lipo safe bag is intended to reduce the chances of damaged in the event of a lipo fire

Package included:

  • 1 x Lipo safe bag


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